Pre-purchase Inspections

Purchasing a home is a big investment and it’s better to discover potential faults prior to settling. Bespoke Building Inspections offer easy to follow written pre-purchase reports highlighting and concerns with defects.


Pre-purchase inspections offer you the opportunity to negotiate a better price with the vendor should faults be discovered and may save you emotional and financial pain. It’s a small investment to give you peace of mind.


Bespoke Building Inspections conducts a thorough search to identify existing or potential problems before you purchase your home or apartment. With a long history in construction and professional training in property inspections, Bespoke Building Inspections has the knowledge to conduct a thorough search of the property and discover any potential problems.


All Pre-purchase building reports exceed the requirements of the Australian Standards.

pre-purchase inspections

Stage Building Inspections

As a Site Supervisor in both residential and commercial construction including project homes, service station builds, commercial buildings and renovations, Jerred has the knowledge and skills to determine any faults with newly built and existing homes. Bespoke Building Inspections are completely independent and are trained to find faults or defects during the progress of work.


Builders are keen to finish the job and hand over the keys so they can receive the final payment, however, this is the most crucial inspection that may save you financial and emotional stress if defaults are found after you move in.


Call Jerred to arrange your new construction inspection for a thorough report on the final stages of your new home.

Pool Inspections

Stage building inspections

At Bespoke Building Inspections, we are passionate about pool safety inspections and keeping children safe. With way too many child backyard pool drownings we can give you peace of mind knowing that your swimming pool is compliant with NSW Regulations.


An accredited pool inspector can issue you a pool safety certificate. Pool safety certificates are required for pools, spas, certain portable pools and pools within Strata managed buildings. A pool inspection will identify any potentially dangerous problems for your family and visitors.

Swimming Pool inspections